The Fleet Availability & Scheduling module utilises the information collected by the Terminal Tracker Onboard controllers from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS sensors, PLC signals and vehicle integration. The information is collated and processed to create reports and dashboards on vehicle availability information, as well as planning usage and maintenance.

Fleet Availability and Scheduling in Terminal Tracker

The Fleet Availability & Scheduling module brings visibility and deeper insights into a Container Terminal’s operations and performance. This visibility is available through the Terminal Tracker User Interface application that provides complete reports with the ability to export data in various formats as well as a comprehensive dashboard showing the live status of vehicles.

FAS Dashboard

The FAS Dashboard presents different views of all vehicles monitored by Terminal Tracker. The summary tab shows all vehicles grouped by vehicle type and gives their status: Running, Available, Damaged, Breakdown, and In Repair, among others.


The vehicle type tab shows detailed information on each vehicle, depending on the Terminal Tracker modules available. The dashboard can show Tyre Pressure information, Fuel Level, running hours, and the vehicle’s current status based on colours. The status is defined by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ sensors, but a user can manually define it.


Through the manual change of status, it is possible to include maintenance details, estimated repair time and comments, making the information available to everyone.


FAS Reporting

The Fleet Availability & Scheduling module also adds to Terminal Tracker’s User Interface a series of valuable reports related to the usage and maintenance of all vehicles. Through them, the Operations and Maintenance team can streamline efforts.

  • „ Report by Vehicle
  • Report by Type
  • „ Attached Equipment
  • Current Vehicle Status Summary
  • Restricted Access Report
  • Downtime Report
  • MTBF (Mean time between failure) Report
  • Driver Breakdowns
  • Shift Planning Report
  • Breakdown Summary
  • Maintenance Report
  • Vehicle Times by Customer
  • Shift Planned Availability Report


Fleet Availability Terminal Tracker Module

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