The Fleet Telematics module utilises the information collected by the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controllers (OBC) from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS sensors, PLC signals and vehicle integration. The information is collated and processed to create convenient tasks and reports for live and historical operations tracking, as well as productivity metrics across a user-specified time range.

Fleet Telematics in Terminal Tracker

The Fleet Telematics module brings visibility and deeper insights into a Container Terminal’s operations and performance. This visibility is available through the Terminal Tracker User Interface application that provides complete reports with the ability to export data in various formats and APIs, allowing 3rd party system integration.

Real-time map

The Real-Time Map screen displays the most recent events in real time for selected vehicles, including their current position and an indication of their current job. The vehicles displayed in real-time can include all vehicles with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS OBC and even vehicles with 3rd party systems feeding data to Terminal Tracker. 


Historical Map Replay

The Historical Map Replay is used to replay the movement of vehicles around the yard at an earlier time, as opposed to a real-time map, which displays what the vehicle(s) are currently doing. It provides users several methods for stepping through a pre-loaded set of historical events from all, some or a group of vehicles as required. Key events for a selected vehicle or specific slot are summarised or printed to PDF for distribution. 


Event Finder

The Event Finder window presents a multitude of search filters to isolate an event of interest. Key events include driver log-on and log-off time, container handling with container number filtering, container handovers from one piece of Container Handling Equipment (CHE) to another, chassis pull and park events and shock events.

The events found based on the search criteria and report filters can be exported for post-processing or trigger a jump to the Historical Map Replay to visualise the event 


Comprehensive Report

The Comprehensive Report provides a statistical summary of vehicle and operator activity within the selected timeframe. The report can drill down to event details, giving an overview of the activities for a vehicle or group of vehicles, and the data can be printed or exported for post-processing.


Container Move History

The purpose of the Container Move History Report is to present details on lift or drop events. The range of event data can be defined and filtered for individual vehicles, vehicle types or groups, slot locations and container numbers. The report data can also be printed or exported for post-processing.

Fleet Telematics Terminal Tracker Module

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