The IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Professional Services team spans all our locations globally and comprises both our Project Delivery team as well as our worldwide Aftermarket Support team. Our staff consists of project managers, hardware/software engineers, training staff and aftermarket support staff.

The primary objective of Professional Services is to deliver IDENTEC’s wide-range of solutions to customers by:

  • Executing and completing projects on time and on budget
  • Transitioning the completed projects to the Aftermarket Support team for ongoing support & services during the solution´s lifespan at the customer.


Professional Service experts from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS draw on over a decade’s experience in installing and supporting our innovative solutions in the various industries our customers represent. Our proven expertise across technologies and industries creates a powerful synergy which enables us to act as an extension of the customer’s team. Our Service Professionals work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand, analyse and implement the solutions that are most effective for the customer´s unique business and the way their business operates.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS utilises a well-proven and methodical approach to the implementation of our technology for a customer. It begins with understanding the end results the customer needs to achieve in terms of enhanced visibility of assets and/or personnel, followed by the specific attributes of the assets/personnel, and finally the specifics of the environment in which the assets/personnel shall operate. This process assures that every dollar spent by the customer returns significant value, eliminating any wasteful spending.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS incorporates a complete Project Life Cycle approach to our projects that starts with the planning phase and ends with the necessary knowledge transfer to ensure the successful deployment and ongoing support of the solution. As part of the Project Life Cycle, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS utilizes a multi-phased implementation model in our projects, where some phases can, depending on the project, run in parallel so as to minimize timelines and costs.


These phases are:


Within these phases of the Project Life Cycle a number of activities are carried out to ensure the effective deployment of the solution:

  • Project Management (runs in parallel throughout the project)
  • Site Survey & Analysis
  • Solution Design & Architecture (including Detailed Functional Specification, Client Specific Enhancement Development)
  • Solution Configuration & Functional Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • On-Site installation, supervision, commissioning & Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Knowledge transfer, solution documentation & training
  • Go-Live & On-Site Support
  • Transition to Aftermarket Support


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ team members provide a wide range of expertise and years of experience in the industries in which our solutions are found, providing our customers the sense of security that their technology partner will bring the best services, domain knowledge and skill-sets to match their project requirements. All IDENTEC SOLUTIONS staff are committed to working in a safe, secure and efficient manner and will conduct themselves accordingly whilst on property owned by the customer.