The Job Arrive module takes a deeper look at the dispatched or selected job and identifies the steps involved in completing the job. Once the steps are identified, the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controllers (OBC) will monitor data from the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS position sensors to automatically send arrival notifications at key 
points in the job execution process.

Job Arrive in Terminal Tracker

The main functionality of the Job Arrive module happens in the background. A logged-in Operator 
will receive via dispatch or select a job to handle a container. Terminal Tracker will receive this job 
from the Terminal Operating System (TOS) to then decode it. The job may be broken down into 
smaller sub-components, such as arriving at a specific row in a yard block or a lane along the berth. 
The decoded job steps will be sent to the Terminal Tracker OBC, which monitors the IDENTEC 
SOLUTIONS position sensors to determine if the vehicle has arrived at the next job step location. After reporting the arrival to the Terminal Tracker server, the event is pushed to the TOS interface, completing the job step in real-time, avoiding late or early arrival events that are present in manual operations.
Through Terminal Tracker User Interface, it is possible to apply the Job Arrive module functionality to all vehicles, a group of vehicles or to disable the XML messaging to revert to a manual operating mode.

Job Arrive messaging

Terminal Tracker has a different set of TOS messages for each process automation task (i.e. Job Arrive, Operator Login) that can be manually enabled or disabled. This allows a container terminal to tune the automation to meet operational requirements. 


Job Arrive By Pool

Terminal Tracker allows for CHE pools to be configured to force a change in the TOS interface reporting. When a vehicle transitions to a pool configured to ‘Force On’ TOS messaging, Terminal Tracker will enable the Job Arrive event reporting to the TOS if it is currently disabled. The opposite will occur if a vehicle transitions into a pool set to ‘Force Off’


Exception Handling

Terminal Tracker includes a set of options that can be configured to handle exception cases that could be related to a desired operational behaviour or where GNSS data is not enough for reliable position detection and reporting to the TOS. The exception-handling behaviour has been derived from years of practical application of the Terminal Tracker solution spread across several unique operating environments.

Job Arrive Terminal Tracker Module

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