The Job Promote module utilises IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Tag events to identify the current truck (both Terminal Trucks and Over-The-Road trucks) nearest the Container Handling Equipment (CHE) and promotes the current job linked to that truck. This action places the job at the top of the Radio Data Terminal job list screen, making the job selection easier, quicker and more accurate for the Operator.

Job Promote in Terminal Tracker

Using the Job Promote module, an internal or external truck equipped with a fixed or temporary IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Tag will be identified by a CHE equipped with the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Reader (or iPoint) as soon as the truck is underneath the CHE or in a very close proximity. 

The job associated with that truck will be promoted to the Terminal Operating System (TOS), placed in the first position of the job list, allowing an Operator to quickly and easily select the job related to the truck.

Through Terminal Tracker User Interface, it is possible to apply the Job Promote module functionality to all vehicles, a group of vehicles or to disable the XML messaging to revert to a manual operating mode. The Truck Management task is also available to support the management of trucks and tags.

Truck Management

Terminal Tracker contains a dedicated task for managing both the Terminal Trucks and Over-The-Road trucks. The tab Tag Management allows users to add and remove tags from the system. The tab Truck Management allows users to manage the association of trucks and tags.


Job Promote Messaging

Terminal Tracker has a different set of TOS messages for each process automation task (i.e. Job Promote, Operator Login etc.) that can be manually enabled or disabled. This allows a container terminal to tune the automation to meet its operational requirements.


Job Promote By Pool

Terminal Tracker allows for CHE pools to be configured to force a change in the TOS interface reporting. When a vehicle transitions to a pool configured to ‘Force On’ TOS messaging, Terminal Tracker will enable the Job Promote event reporting to the TOS if it is currently disabled. The opposite will occur if a vehicle transitions into a pool set to ‘Force Off’.

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