| Written by Mark Buzinkay

Terminal Operators can now monitor an array of shock events in their fleet, thereby enhancing operational safety and refining processes, courtesy of the enhanced Shock Sensor VSM400.
Shock Sensor for container terminal operations

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Lustenau, Austria - IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, a pioneer in cutting-edge wireless solutions, has introduced upgraded hardware to their Terminal Tracker system, boasting an advanced Shock Sensor VSM 400. This upgraded sensor not only detects shocks and bumps (learn about unreported container damage) but also doubles as a compass.


The refreshed hardware is a leap forward in the industry, meeting the latest design standards and optimizing data capture in the field. The revamped system, customizable to meet global terminal operators' requirements, will be included in all future Terminal Tracker installations. The new VSM400 Shock Sensor is compatible with its predecessor, allowing for seamless retrofitting or expansion of existing systems.

"Our newly enhanced Shock Sensor VSM400 features more durable components and industry-standard connectors," says Marcus Pereira, Product Manager of Terminal Tracker at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. "This positions us well for success in the coming years."

The VSM400's sensitivity can be adjusted to capture a wider or narrower range of shock events caused by collisions, bumps, or general vehicle operation. Its new compass functionality can provide essential data for vehicle monitoring services when used within a Terminal Tracker environment.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS collaborated closely with global crane manufacturer Konecranes, a significant customer of the Shock Sensor, to develop the VSM400 for port terminal operations.




Boasting advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Terminal Tracker is the ultimate solution for streamlining container terminal operations and boosting efficiency. Its seamless integration with existing container terminal infrastructure provides real-time visibility and control, granting terminal operators unmatched insights into container movement, equipment usage, and resource allocation. The system's robust analytics feature enables the operations team to make informed decisions and proactively tackle challenges. Its user-friendly interface, complete with customizable dashboards and detailed reports, keeps managers informed about all terminal activities. Ideal for managing busy ports or bustling rail yards, Terminal Tracker is a trusted, standalone solution, bringing innovation, productivity, and efficiency to the forefront of container terminal operations.

As a reliable partner in the TIC4.0 journey, Identec Solutions continues to reshape the industrial landscape, propelling maritime industries toward a more interconnected, efficient, and sustainable future.

For an in-depth explanation of the VSM400's role within Terminal Tracker, please read on about Shock Management in Terminal Tracker.