Visibility of onshore and offshore operations delivers safety and productivity

WATCHERLOGISTICS is a comprehensive, flexible and robust system which provides essential, real-time location and status data on the Cargo Carrying Units (CCU).  Maximizing operational efficiency, optimizing your asset utilization and ultimately increasing your business opportunity and profitability.




RFID Asset ManagementThe main objective of the WATCHERLOGISTICS solution, is to track the whereabouts of containers and material through the entire supply chain. The figure below shows a typical container supply chain; from leaving the CCU owner, through to suppliers and supply base operators, out to offshore facilities and back to the owner.



RFID Asset Tracking TAG

The intrinsically safe (ATEX/IECEx Zone 0) active RFID tag is ideally suited for asset tracking in hazardous environments and adds real-time intelligence to your business. The rugged housing protects the tag from extreme shock, force, temperatures, and chemicals in harsh and demanding applications.

Key features:

  • i-Mark
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Up to 4 years battery life
  • Up to 500 meters range
  • ATEX Zone 0 and FCC certified

i-PORT 350X USB – BT

RFID Asset Management Reader

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS mobile RFID reader combines long range radio frequency capabilities, with Bluetooth technology in one compact device. The widely available interface makes it the most flexible portable mobile RFID reader in the industry.

Key features:

  • ATEX Zone 1 and FCC certified
  • Bluetooth-version 3.0
  • Up to 200 meters range
  • Compatible with all IDENTEC SOLUTIONS i-Q350 series products


WATCHERLOGISTICS is designed to monitor and track all of your assets, whether they are tagged with GPS Satellite or RFID tags. The WATCHERWEB is available online and through APP on your mobile device.

GPS Asset Management Software 1

WatcherLogistics Worklist

GPS Asset Management Software 2

WATCHERLOGISTICS worklist application gives personnel ‘in field’ the tool to handle and visualize status of cargo movement at a base, as well as offshore installations with full integration to your ERP system. Cargo is managed from arrival, to load-unload and then onto departure, through work-lists controlled through WATCHERLOGISTICS or your own ERP system.

Key features:

  • Master data available to operational personnel
  • Integration to ERP
  • Online and offline support
  • Track all cargo

Identec Solutions Temperature Track

The WATCHERLOGISTICS Temperature Solution includes a mobile application which communicates with a RFID tag.  This houses a temperature sensor (ILR iQ350TLX R) that would then be mounted inside a cooling container or controlled environment that needs monitoring. The tag will store and present information on the current and historical temperatures, as and when, requested by the mobile device through the mobile reader.

When the tag is read, the mobile device should present a graphical overview of the temperature log, between selected points in time, that is pre-defined by the user within the intervals allowed.

The temperature monitoring application will safeguard and ensure quality logistics for your climate controlled merchants.

RFID Asset Management Software 3


Being developed together with industry professionals, WATCHERLOGISTICS implements best practice for handling your logistical operations.


  • icon-check Real-time business intelligence in offshore and onshore logistics
  • icon-check Turn-key asset management solution with ERP integration
  • icon-check Providing granular visibility of CCU`s and assets to improve utilization and turn-around times
  • icon-check Reduced costs, safer operations and enhanced competitiveness


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