The Operator Access module utilises the information collected by an IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Card Reader connected to the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controllers (OBC). The card identification is checked against an on-board list to restrict access to only approved vehicle Operators. 

Operator Access in Terminal Tracker

The Operator Access’s main functionality lies in the vehicle operation. If the card inserted belongs to an authorised Operator, a signal is sent to the vehicle’s PLC or Ignition Control Unit to allow the operation. 

Once authorised, all operational events reported back to the Terminal Tracker server include the authorised Operator details, adding value to reports and driving statistics available in the Terminal Tracker User Interface application.

Vehicle Access

The purpose of the Vehicle Access Report is to display login and logoff times and duration for a selected vehicle(s) and or driver(s).


Driver stats

The Driver Stats Report presents productivity statistics by driver within a selected timeframe. It allows for filtering of short runs and can be run over the course of a shift or defined time period, where it will output the number of shifts an Operator has worked in that period and the number of runs in a vehicle.


Shift Compliance

The Shift Compliance Report is used by operations management to track the time usage and time lost with late/early arrival/departure to the start or end of the shift and defined shift break times. This report can be run per driver or vehicle over specified ‘pre-defined’ shifts.

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