The Operator Login module utilises the authorisation events generated by the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Card Reader to automate the process of logging an Operator and Container Handling Equipment (CHE) into and out of the Terminal Operating System (TOS). This eliminates the need for the Operator to interact with the Radio Data Terminal before receiving job instructions or after executing the last job at the end of a driving session

Operator Login in Terminal Tracker

Besides adding functionality to the vehicle, the Operator Login module also adds several options to the Terminal Tracker User Interface to configure and align the feature with the Terminal’s workflow.

Logout Process

After completing the last job at the end of a driving session, the Operator can remove their card identification from the card reader, which triggers Terminal Tracker to follow the defined process to log the CHE and Operator out of the TOS.

Login Process

When a CHE powers up, the state of the Radio Data Terminal is typically unavailable for job assignment and waiting for login to the TOS. Using the Operator Login module, the Operator can insert their card identification into the card reader, triggering Terminal Tracker to follow a defined process to log the CHE and Operator into the TOS. 

Operator-Specific Login

Terminal Tracker can be configured to use a generic login for all Operators, which logs into the RDT using only the CHE identification in the TOS. To include operator logins in the message from Terminal Tracker to the TOS, each worker must be configured with their login details.


Operator Login Without Card Reader

The login messages can be generated when the Terminal Tracker server detects Ignition On or Ignition Off events from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS OBC for vehicles without a card reader to identify the Operator or where a specific operator login does not exist.


Forced Logins

Terminal Trackers allows CHE pools to be configured as a ‘Forced Login’ pool. When a vehicle is part of a pool configured to use ‘Forced Logins’, Terminal Tracker will capture attempts to log out or become unavailable and immediately log the CHE and Operator, if configured, back into the TOS. When a ‘Forced Login’ occurs, the attempt to log out or become unavailable is saved and reported via the Terminal Tracker User Interface.

Operator Access Terminal Tracker Module

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