Either as a standalone or building upon Operator Access, the Operator Safety module draws from a software-defined set of Pre-Operational Safety Check (POSC) questions that must be answered once per shift before a vehicle can be operated to improve the overall safety of the Terminal’s personnel.

POSC Question and Answer Process

When an Operator attempts to start a vehicle for the first time in a shift, they will be presented with 
a set of pre-defined questions. The operator will answer the Yes/OK or No/NOK questions, with a 
negative answer requiring the Operator to confirm the answer. For every question, the buttons with 
the answers are placed randomly on the screen, increasing the focus needed to reply to the questions.
The questions can be reset if an error is made, and the POSC process will restart. At the end of the POSC questions, if any questions defined as critical are answered negatively, the vehicle will not be allowed to start; otherwise, the vehicle can be started normally. An override of a supervisor might be needed to unlock a vehicle that the POSC blocked.


POSC configuration

The list of POSC questions and expected results are easily defined using the POSC Configuration task. These lists can be linked to various types of vehicles so that the questions seen by the Operator are sensible and meaningful for his workday.


POSC Report

The POSC Report task is used to review responses to POSC questions. The report can be run from a vehicle or Operator perspective. Besides the responses, the report shows manual resets and overrides of the Operator Safety system. The report output is intuitively colour-coded to easily identify the outcome of a POSC question and answer session.

Operator Safety Terminal Tracker Module

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