Visibility of container terminal operations delivers predictable productivity

Reefer Runner is a remote monitoring and control system for covering all aspects of cool container management within container terminals. With its process-centric approach this system handles the specific requirements of refrigerated containers. Built to integrate into the IT-landscape of your terminal, Reefer Runner will become an integral part of your operations.

The solution consists of hardware which when connected to the refrigerated container, wirelessly communicates data to a server which processes and distributes the information to client applications and the TOS.

A new way to manage your reefer containers

Reefer Monitoring System
  • Management of the entire reefer container process
  • Modern system architecture
  • TOS interface module
  • Reporting system module
  • Reefer mechanic tablet module
  • Pre-trip inspection management
  • Alarm management and escalation
  • Automated checking

A robust wireless monitoring device

  • Light infrastructure
  • Low installation effort
  • Rack solution (3m cable + breakaway)
  • Stack, genset solution (1m cable + magnet)
  • Detection of unpowered vs. disconnected refrigerated containers
  • Battery lifetime up 10 years
  • Battery exchange kits & exchange service available
  • IP 65 protection
Reefer Monitoring Device

True mobility

Reefer Monitoring Tablet
  • Take your data into the field
  • Seamless integration between automated and manual processes
  • Push / pull mechanism for labor management
  • Location grouping for path optimization
  • Offline data caching and synchronization
  • Centralized software deployment
  • Role system

Navis Ready

As the first reefer container monitoring system ever, Reefer Runner passed NavisReady validation in December 2015. The certificate confirms that IDENTEC SOLUTIONS wireless remote monitoring and control system for refrigerated containers interfaces directly with the Navis N4 2.6 container terminal operating system (TOS) which works right out of the box, without additional modifications.

Navis Ready

What makes Reefer Runner the best

Being developed from the ground up specifically for ports, Reefer Runner goes beyond basic monitoring to true refrigerated management.

By utilizing hardware purpose-built for the marine environment, it manages the entire process throughout the refrigerated containers’ time at the terminal


  • icon-check Management of the entire refrigerated container process by exceptions
  • icon-check Monitoring intervals customizable from minutes to hours
  • icon-check Significant labor reduction of up to 30% despite shorter monitoring intervals
  • icon-check Reduced risk of perished goods and insurance claims
  • icon-check Effortless alarm handling and escalation
  • icon-check Wireless communication reduces installation cost
  • icon-check Fully interfaces to all major TOS providors