The Tyre Management module utilises the information collected by the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controller (OBC) from tyre sensors. The information is collated and processed to create convenient tasks and reports of live and historical metrics across a user-specified time range.

The Tyre Management module actively monitors the tyre pressure and temperature and will alert you of a sudden change or when these parameters fall out of the tyre specifications. Actively monitoring the tyre parameters and scheduling maintenance based on the data is proven to reduce vehicle operational costs.

Tyre management in terminal tracker

The Tyre Management module adds to Terminal Tracker User Interface a set of screens to configure Tyre Pressure sensors as well as reports with real-time and historical data reported from the vehicle.

Fuel/Tyre Dashboard

The Fuel/Tyre Dashboard screen displays the current status of the tyre pressure monitoring system, tyre pressure, tyre temperature and tyre sensor battery level. The icons for both vehicles and tyres are colour-coded against a user-defined legend that allows for easy identification of the monitoring system and tyre statuses. 


Tyre Report

The purpose of the Tyre Report is to display the historical status of the tyre pressure, temperature and battery level for each monitored tyre from installed sensors on the selected vehicle. Presented in a tabular or graphical form, the tyre data can be printed or exported for additional post-processing.

Tyre Management Terminal Tracker Module

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