Modular Design for Vehicle Logistics

When it comes to vehicle yards, your main goal is to achieve efficiency by standardizing your processes. However, you also recognize the importance of real-time visibility because vehicle yard operations demand precision, safety and speed. With Asset Agent's modular design, you can continuously control, manage and track your processes while maintaining the flexibility and overview you need.


Modules - your choice

You have the freedom to select and integrate individual modules of Asset Agent independently,  tailoring the solution to your specific requirements and preferences.



Delivery: Register all incomings

Register new vehicles at your premises in real-time when arriving by train, trailer or vessel and update your vehicle management database. Either you scan the VIN with your Asset Agent app when receiving the car, or you place an Asset Agent transponder behind the rearview mirror.


Location: Find your car among a million

Asset Agent enables you to locate and spot any car on your premises, automatically and in real-time. With the help of the Asset Agent GPS module, you register the current position of a vehicle by scanning the VIN number and updating the vehicle location database. If you prefer the Asset Agent transponder, every vehicle is constantly and automatically located 24/7.


Customization: Get everything right

Asset Agent automatically registers all steps in your car customization process, independently of whether you use the Asset Agent app or the Asset Agent transponder. As a car terminal manager, you are able to follow the customization process of all cars, check pick-up times and potential bottlenecks in your planned operations. As an add-on, Asset Agent provides a digital documentation of the activities performed on the car such as fueling, washing, tire change, or individual customization.


Pick-up: Transfer Vehicles safely

When loading trucks for hinterland transfer, assign jobs to drivers via the Asset Agent app and deregister vehicles when transferred - either by scanning the VIN or removing the Asset Agent transponder from the vehicle. Asset Agent provides you with real-time status of your loading activities and current stock on your car terminal. 

Asset Agent Modules PDF

"Without Asset Agent, nothing works here. Vehicle preparation would stop."

Michael Imrock, Manager Process and Vehicle Control, Department Vehicle Preparation, Volkswagen Wolfsburg

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