The Vehicle Telematics module utilises the information collected by the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controllers (OBC) from the PLC signals and vehicle integration. The information is collated and processed to create convenient tasks and reports for live and historical vehicle data across user-specified time ranges.

Real-time monitoring of vehicle's PLC data

The Vehicle Telematics module brings visibility and deeper insights into the vehicle’s usage. This visibility is available through the Terminal Tracker User Interface application that provides complete reports with the ability to export data in various formats and APIs, allowing 3rd party system integration.. 

Machine report

The Machine Report displays relevant mechanical and operational parameters from each vehicle. The report is a valuable tool for maintenance and asset management purposes. The Machine Report can be run cumulatively, with set date ranges or by shift; the cumulative option will return values until the given time in the ‘To’ field. 

Engine hours stats

The Engine Hours Stats Report displays a list of engine statistics by vehicle. This simplified Machine Report only outputs the Engine hours for a vehicle, which is particularly helpful in scheduling maintenance for all vehicles based on operating hours.. 





Fuel/Tyre Dashboard

The Fuel/Tyre Dashboard screen displays the current status of the vehicles fuel level. The vehicle icons are colour-coded against a user-defined legend that allows for easy identification of the fuel level for each vehicle.

The purpose of the Fuel Report is to display the historical status of the fuel level for a selected vehicle, allowing users to identify trends in fuel usage over time and provide an additional data point to assess the impact of changes to yard layouts on traffic flow. Fuel data is presented in tabular or graphical form and can be printed 
or exported for additional post-processing.





PLC Errors Report

When provided through the vehicle PLC to the Terminal Tracker OBC, PLC errors can be logged and viewed historically using the PLC Errors Report task. This task will display a list of reported PLC errors that can be used to arrange any maintenance activities and services that may be required. Details of each PLC error code can be set for each vehicle type/manufacturer.

Vehicle Telematics Terminal Tracker Module

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