A is for Asset Agent


Imagine driving with your satellite navigation as guidance and suddenly all you see on the display are latitude and longitude coordinates. Then imagine the data is only updated once per hour! As specific as this data may well be to a point on the earth’s surface, this form of data would be of little to no help whatsoever for most drivers. A user-friendly interface for the operator, along with a clear reference of position in real-time is necessary for the satellite navigation system to do its job effectively.


The same principle applies for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Users need to know the exact position of their assets to more effectively execute production processes and maximise the potential for saving. A pinpoint on a map of the area will go a long way to achieving this goal, but what to do with the data from here? What if the customer does not just want a pinpoint on a map but rather association of a point on a map with a space or zone within the facility? What if the position data should be sent through a software interface to a 3rd party software, an example of which could be an ERP system, which would receive position data of assets to automate order bookings.


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has developed a turn-key solution – Asset Agent – built on an end-to-end business software which gathers the raw position data of assets/materials and transforms it into a format which can be used by any ERP- or Production Planning System. Each asset is equipped with a transponder with a unique ID. This transponder communicates with the corresponding hardware infrastructure located around the facility and sends the data to the server for processing. Asset Agent can display the position of the transponder on a map or reference to a zone. A good example of this is in the Automotive Industry, where finished vehicles are temporarily stored in a parking area where each parking space has its own row/space number. This parking spot reference can be sent to the customer’s ERP system and, for example be shown on a mobile device to the user. The result is more flexibility in production order processing and clarity of information. The position data of an asset with Asset Agent can be used to fully automate bookings in ERP, for example, once an asset passes a certain point in the factory a completion order can be released indicating that the order is now finished.

The possibilities of such a system are endless, important however is that the software solution is flexible for adaptation to different business processes and user-friendly.


Asset Agent of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is your all-in-one package for managing the location of assets and automating business processes in a smart factory environment.



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