B is for Battery


We can all relate to dependency upon battery performance in our day-to-day lives. How often have we been in situations which prove to be inconvenient due to an empty battery? Think of the amount of times you have been caught with a dead cell phone, when the TV remote control suddenly stops working, the laptop which runs out during the presentation or the car that won’t start on that cold winter morning.


Such cases range from being mildly inconvenient to extremely disruptive, but in a production environment the performance of the RTLS transponder battery is critical. Here, a potential battery failure can have a drastic influence on production processes, thus negatively effecting turnover-speed and profit. The myriad of battery powered devices found nowadays in a production environment is overwhelming, they all however share one thing in common, when the battery is empty, the device becomes nothing more than an expensive paperweight.


The design features of the battery in an RTLS transponder are not just limited to the power it is able to deliver, there are several more factors to consider:

  • Can the battery be replaced?
  • If the battery can be replaced, can the customer do this or does the unit need to be sent to the manufacturer for replacement?
  • How long will the battery last?

Many types of transponder currently available on the market are “sealed-for-life”, meaning that once the battery life has expired the entire transponder needs to be replaced. This can be very expensive for large installations, some operating with many thousands of transponders.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, as a world leading supplier of wireless localization solutions, has developed its RTLS transponders with longevity and ease of use in mind. In a typical RTLS application the life of the battery can easily exceed 5 years. Once however the battery is empty, the customer can quickly and easily replace the battery onsite.


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