D is for Data



When we think about the processes involved in a modern production environment, the last thing we imagine are employees running around in the factory with handfuls of paperwork, doing everything manually with little automation available.


A modern or “smart” factory reduces all manual processes to an absolute minimum, incorporates a functional and efficient I.T. landscape offering a complete overview of production. A key component of such an environment is the real-time localization of assets on the shop floor. Transponders are attached to assets, which can be either products or material carriers. A satellite infrastructure installed around the facility and combined with an end-to-end business software determines the position of the transponder.


Very often however, it is not enough to be able to localize a transponder, which is identified using its own unique ID. Depending on the production operations, it may be a requirement to transport production-relevant information with the asset. This can of course be achieved with documentation, however the SMART solution is to load data onto the transponder, which will be read at pre-determined points throughout production.


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Asset Agent utilizes transponders, which can carry up to 30 kB of data. This may not sound like much, but is ample for processes which require data in simple text or binary form. The data can be read using RFID or up to 30 bytes of data can be broadcasted using the UHF band. This useful feature plays an important role in process automation and “paperless factory”, increasing productivity and profit.



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