IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is equipping 20 production facilities of one of the world's largest automotive suppliers with a real-time localisation solution

The worldwide active premium tire manufacturer relies on know-how from technology leader IDENTEC SOLUTIONS in implementing its new localisation and identification system.



The internationally represented premium tire manufacturer already started the rollout of a localisation and identification system from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS in 2016. A total of 20 production facilities are being equipped with the system, in order to increase product quality while automating production processes at the same time.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS won the contract as a competent solution provider of highly efficient localisation and identification systems with 20-years experience in executing major international projects.

One of the implementation goals for the new system is preventing manual data collection in order to ensure error-free and efficient flow of material in production. To achieve this, all semi-finished products will be automatically localised at the manufacturing station, identified and checked for accuracy. The localisation data is transmitted in real time to the production and merchandise management system thereby enabling an automated and digitised production process.

© IDENTEC SOLUTIONS The AIS (automatic identification solution) is implemented at the tire machine and identifies which carrier, with what material and expiration date, is put into a feeder bay.


As part of implementing the system, more than 60,000 material carriers and trolleys for semi-finished products are being equipped with an innovative transponder that is unique in the world, plus over 1,800 processing machines with corresponding collection devices. In addition to the localisation function and automatic identification, the solution applied by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS also has a “pick by light” function. With this function the material carriers and trolleys can be visually localised at any spot in the production facility via light signals. In doing so, time-consuming and resource-intensive manual search processes are eliminated.

The fully automated merchandise localisation minimises potential sources of errors, which can occur through manual systems like barcode scans, and replaces them completely. The processes become more efficient and virtually error-free. Furthermore, the production management receives constant real-time information about the current status of production and merchandise flow.

The service spectrum of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, based on its own hardware and software development, as well as global availability of services, are convincing aspects that make them a reliable partner for this project.

© IDENTEC SOLUTIONS ­The i-Q350L RTLS-AS/-AH tag is mounted to the object you would like to track.



Identec was founded in Lustenau, Austria, in 1999 and is a global provider of wireless solutions guaranteeing visibility to improve safety, efficiency, as well as security in harsh industrial operating environments. Sector-specific applications based on robust RFID radio technology are in use in Oil & Gas, Ports & Terminals, Mining & Tunnelling, as well as Automotive and the Industry 4.0 market. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a privately run company in the Identec Group and apart from its head office in Austria, it also has regional offices in Australia, the USA, Norway and Germany.

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